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Biographies of
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Venerable Master Hsu Yun (Empty Cloud)

One of the last Buddhist patriarchs of China

During his almost 120 year life span (1840-1959), Master Hsu Yun (Empty Cloud), saw the end of imperial China, the short lived rise of the democratic republic, two world wars and the eventual rule of the Chinese Communist Party. Master Xu Yun, a true sage of the 19th and early 20th centuries, valiantly and almost single handedly kept orthodox Buddhism alive for the Asian people. He can be considered one of the last Buddhist patriarchs of China. His main disciples, took the mind-to-mind seal, passed down from patriarch to patriarch from the original master Shakyamuni Buddha, across the Pacific Ocean to America. Bilingual Chinese/English with black and white line drawings. Volume One covers the Master’s birth and education through his enlightenment. Volume Two covers the Master’s extensive propagation of Buddhism throughout Asia.

  Volume 1: 0-88139-485-8, $10.00, p. 209 trade
Volume 2: 0-88139-486-6, $10.00, p. 211 trade



Records of High Sanghans

Biographies of eminent Buddhist Masters from India who brought orthodox Buddhism to China between the first and fifth century C.E.
Kashyapa Matanga and Gobharana translated the Sutra in 42 Sections, the first Buddhist Sutra translated from Sanskrit into Chinese at the White Horse Temple near Luo Yang in 69 C.E.
Kumarajiva (344-413) was the head of a translation center in the Chinese capital of Chang An with over 800 monks and lay scholars. He translated the Lotus Sutra into Chinese.
Other masters include An Shih Kao, Dharmaraksha and Fa Hsien, among others.