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978-160103-007-8 $17.95

Hardcover 72 p 2012 \

The Kind Monk - A biography of Master

Hsuan Hua for Young Readers

by Bikshuni Jin Rou

A captivating story about one of the world’s most influential leaders of Buddhism—Master Hsuan Hua. As a youth in China, he liked to fight, ride wild horses, and tended to disobey his parents. Later, he changed and won the hearts of the Chinese by bowing to his parents and bringing them honor.

At nineteen, he became a Buddhist monk, living in the snowy mountains with tigers as friends. Without a cent, he traveled through China to America where with simple words and humor, he revealed the deep meanings of the Buddha’s teachings. Wishing for Buddhism to spread throughout the world, he oversaw the translation of the sacred writings into English and other languages. With kindness, compassion, and joy, he devoted his life to others.

978-160103-008-5 $5.00

Paper 32 p 2012

The Golden Feather - A Jataka Tale

by Bikshuni Jin Rou

The father of a family dies, and is reborn as a goose with golden feathers. Finding his children, he gives them one feather at a time to sell. But the mother becomes greedy and plucks all the feathers at once. To her surprise, the beautiful feathers turn into ordinary ones.

Moral: Those who want everything lose everything.

This book is part of a series of Jataka tales based on compassion for animals and respect for the earth. It is retold in simple words and appealing pictures that children can color. Parent, teacher, and kids pages are also included with suggested activities and instructions for a shadow puppet play.


The Giant Turtle

This parable for children teaches kindness and humanity using the story of a turtle. It is based on the Jataka tales which the Buddha spoke over 2,500 years ago.

Trade paper 51 pages $10.00
English only 0-88139-314-2 1999
Chinese/English bilingual 0-88139-850-0 2000


Under the Bodhi Tree

by Bikshuni Jin Rou , illustraions by Bikshuni Heng Fa

This richly illustrated, historically accurate story relates the life of the Buddha, from his birth as a pampered prince, through his cultivation and enlightenment, to his founding of the Buddhist sangha and his final Nirvana.
Jin Rou Shi, an American bikshuni in the orthodox Chinese Mahayana tradition and a long time teacher at Instilling Virtue Elementary School on the monastery grounds of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, compiled the text especially for children.


full color illustraions



64 pages


9780881394269 $12.95
hardcover 30 p 2008

No Words - Teachings of the Buddha A Treasury of Buddhist Stories and Values

illustrations by Tara Kandahsari, Cintya Kandahsari

The Buddha lived in India over 2,500 years ago and was a great and wise teacher. One of the wonderful ways he taught was by his very own actions. For this reason, and others, his teachings were sometimes called the teachings beyond words and letters.
In this collection of stories the Buddha explains how to develop good character through wisdom, kindness, generosity, patience, and other such qualities.


Human Roots for Young Readers

A collection of Buddhist stories for young children including a simple history of the Buddha and his earliest disciples, the meaning of the lotus flower, stories of some of the great Buddhist sages or bodhisattvas, explanations of cause and effect, keeping promises, benevolence, kindness and virtue.

Trade paper

$8.00 each


Vol 1: 0-88139-317-7

135 pages

Vol 2: 0-88139-318-5

109 pages

0881394890 $8.00
Paperback 41 p 2003

Standards for Students
Instructions in Virtue from the Chinese Heritage

These traditional Chinese (Confucian) verses teach children how to grow up to be good, honest and outstanding people. Topics cov- ered include respect for elders, carefulness, trustworthiness, kindness and friendliness to all.

A classic handbook for educating students in ancient China. This bilingual Chinese/English edition also has an accompanying CD to facilitate learning.

CD 0-88139-729-6 $10.0


The Truly Awakened One

The enlightenment of the Buddha as told by Master Hua.

illustrated by Bodhi Shr & Alice Yeh

Born a prince in the Indian kingdom of Kapilavastu, Siddhartha renounced the riches of palace life and his beautiful young wife to seek enlightenment. The story explains how the Prince followed ascetic practices for six years before finally “awakening” after mediting 49 days under a bodhi tree.

0-88139-863-2 $10.00 Trade paper 135 p 2005


The Rakshasa Ghost and the Bhikshu
Stories of the Buddha’s Past Lives

illustrated by Bodhi Shr, Alice Yeh

Five stories of previous lives of the Buddha when he was the leader of a heard of deer, a giant turtle, an elephant king, a bhikshu (monk) and a hermit. In all the stories the Buddha makes great personal sacrifices in order to help to help living beings understand compassion and giving.

0-88139-867-5 $10.00 Trade paper 121 p 2005


Spider Thread

The story of a rich jewelry merchant of ancient India and his slave who encounter a wise Buddhist monk. The tale teaches the lesson of cause and effect, kindness and compassion, greed and hatred. This book was designed for children, but the lessons contained within are universal.

0-88139-856-X $8.00 Trade paper 100 pages 2000