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Trade paper LC: BQ130.E67 2003
0-88139-353-3 $21.95 294.3’03—dc21
Bibliographies & indicies 284 pages

Ronald B. Epstein, a practicing Buddhist for more than 40 years, received his Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies from the University of California at Berkeley. He is a research professor at the Institute of World Religions in Berkeley and a retired lecturer in the philosophy department at San Francisco State University.

Buddhism A to Z by Ronald Epstein, PhD

What do sangha, karma and Bodhisattva really mean? Who were the major disciples of the Buddha? Find out in this lively and easy-to-read alphabetical listing of major Buddhist terms and figures.

Provides the right mix of scholarly attention and accessible language.

David Batstone, University of San Francisco
Department of Theology & Religious Studies

Have you confused karma with dharma? Amida with Gautama? The Five Desires with the Eightfold Path? Then Ronald Epstein’s Buddhism A to Z can provide a little enlightenment. Geared for English-speaking Westerners who want to know more about Buddhism, this alphabetical dictionary covers everything from the role of an abbot to the contributions of Zen.

Publishers Weekly

A comprehensive handbook, not only useful for the interested beginner but also a treasury of teachings for the experienced practitioner.

Ajahn Amaro, Co-abbot
Abhayagiri Monastery, Redwood Valley, CA


0-883139-517-X 0.00
Trade paper 124 p 1996 free with purchase

Buddhism: A Brief Introduction

A concise and brief introduction to Buddhism written by the monks and laity of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in California.

The book uses original source material to explain

¨ the Four Noble Truths of the Buddha

¨ the concept of karma

¨ the practice of dharma and the development of wisdom

¨ the definition of Sangha, or assembly of monks, nuns and laity

¨ Buddhist cosmology

¨ schools of Buddhism

- Chan (Zen) - meditative

- Pure Land – faith in Amitabha Buddha

- Secret or Esoteric School – recitation of mantras


0-88139-951-5 $6.95
Hardcover 196 p 2004

The Chan Handbook - Talks about Meditation

An excellent introduction to the concept of chan meditation, preserving the wisdom of a teacher

• What are the benefits of meditation?

• How do we sit in meditation?

• What are the states of meditation?

• How do we reach nirvana?

• What is absolute enlightenment?

Midwest Book Review

Not everyone is fortunate enough to attend a meditation retreat with a Chan master, yet everyone can benefit from this handbook that explains the essential principals of chan as taught by the late Tripitika Master Hsuan Hua, former instructor at Nan Hua Monastery in Canton, China, the bodhimanda of the Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng. Compiled from Chinese and translated into English, these talks span a 40 year period during retreats in China and America.

0-88139-302-9 $12.00
Trade paper 200 p 2003

Words of Wisdom - Beginning Buddhism

This collection of introductory talks on Buddhism by

Master Hua includes the following topics:

• return to nothingness

• life is but a dream

• the wonderful way

• What meaning is there to life?

• How can we determine our own destiny?

0-88139-303-7 $13.95
Trade paper 207 p 2006
CD 0-88139-745-8 $10.00

Words of Wisdom- Practice

Advice for the serious meditator

This book points out the pitfalls of meditation and offers helpful suggestions about practice. Compiled from three decades of lectures given by the late Tripitika Master Hsuan Hua.

• What are the four types of wisdom?
• What is the difference between sudden and gradual enlightenment?
• How can I tell if I am gaining skill in mediation?
• How can I avoid injuries when cultivating?
• Why is eating properly important?
• What can sabotage my cultivation?

0-88139-501-3 $5.00
Trade paper 77 p 1982

Water Mirror Reflecting Heaven

Historical records of people’s life, famous and common, showing the power of cause and effect. This is the first volume in English. It includes the story of Master Chang Ren, the founder of Three Condition Monastery in Manchuria, China.

0-88139-100-2 $5.00
Trade paper 84 p 1983

Song of Enlightment

by Master Yung Chia

Chan Buddhism is generally considered apart from words and speech. But after being certified to enlighten- ment by the 6th Chinese Patriarch Hui Neng, Master Yung Chia of the Tang Dynasty composed this poem in order that people might perceive their self nature and reach en- lightenment.

Chinese version 978-088139-227-2 $6.00
Vietnamese version 0-88139-804-7 $7.00

0-88139-424-6 $8.00
Trade paper 93 p 2003

Audio version in CD
9780881395259 $10.00

Exhortation to Resolve Upon Bodhi
The Ultimate Commitment of a Buddhist

Master Sying An (d 1734) of Hang Zhou encouraged his disciples to resolve their minds upon attaining enlightenment. He states ten causes and conditions for making this resolve including

¨ The Buddha’s deep kindness

¨ Our parents’ kindness

¨ Our teachers’ and elders’ kindness

¨ The donors’ kindness

¨ Living beings’ kindness

¨ The suffering in birth and death

¨ Reverence of the spiritual nature

¨ Repenting of karmic obstacles

¨ Rebirth in the Pure Land

¨ The proper dharma

Chinese version Qianfa Puti Xin Wen Qian Shi
0-88139-032-1 $7.00
Vietnamese version 978-088139-812-0 $5.00