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Over 1 million taught! Thousands cured of illness.
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Chan Mi Gong : Chinese Meditations for Health
by Liu, Hanwen

Chan Mi Gong is one of the most popular types of qigong (ch'i kung) in mainland China today. Years of experience have shown that chan Mi Gong can develop internal qi, regulate body metabolism, promote health, prevent illness, bring forth latent ability and develop intelligence.

This step-by-step manual includes illustration and instructions for learning this simple, but powerful type of qigong.

Included is a brief historical background of the development of Chan Mi Gong from a combination of the Chan (Zen) and Mi (Tantric) sects of Buddhism.



2nd edition trade paperback
ISBN-10: 1878217186
ISBN-13: 978-1878217189
84 pages with illustrations


Kindle Edition


Spanish version

  What others are saying about Chan Mi Gong
  • . . . surprisingly effective. I have much more energy.
    Mu Lin Yang, retired librarian with t.b.
  • Since practicing chan mi gong, I haven't had a cold for three years.
    L. Lu, clerk and former asthmatic
  • It's helped my concentration. I can study for longer periods. J. Chu, college student (who suffers from bouts of depression)

Author Liu Han Wen
Liu, Han Wen comes from a distinguished family of practicing Buddhists and medical doctors. He learned various types of mediation and qigong at home as a child. He synthesized his learning into a system of exercises he named Chan Mi Gong.

He first taught Chan Mi Gong in the 1950's at the Shenyang Sports Clinic in Liaoning Province, China and continued teaching in the 1960's at the Dandong Sports Clinic. In 1980, Mr. Liu taught Chan Mi Gong in Beijing. Since then Chan Mi Gong has spread throughout China and parts of the world.


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